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ID Packages

Humble Coffee Company

Humble Coffee Company is dedicated to making great coffee in an inviting yet simple environment. Our branding work celebrates this down-to-earth approach to the local coffee scene.


Charles Stephen

This financial services client prides itself on having long-standing, first-name relationships with its clients. The firm, Charles Stephen, even calls itself by its founding partners' first names.


Beer Institute

The Beer Institute is the beer industry's voice for brewers and importers. We crafted a simple identity package that reflects the product's natural ingredients.


Michael Barley Photography Business Cards

For a photographer, we developed a concept where each business card acts as a mini-sleeve for a portfolio sample.


Fine Law Firm

At the Fine Law Firm, your case is personal. We designed a corporate ID system that supported this brand idea - even on a business card.



Latitudes is a new convenience store concept for those who would rather sip than slurp.


Mighty Memphis     Bar-B-Q

We created a brand rooted in barbecue Americana, for a new restaurant located thousands of miles away
in Spain.


Scott Boswell Enterprises

Chef Scott Boswell owns the restaurants Stella and Stanley in New Orleans. Our concept was to make the business cards resemble mini-menus.


National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

For this Smithsonian-affiliated museum, we created business cards that harkened back to the dawning of the nuclear age. The cards were designed to look and feel as if they were a part of an exhibit.


Alone and Unafraid

Alone and Unafraid is an apparel company founded by two marines. We created business cards that doubled as survival tools.


Day One

Day One is a holding company for creative businesses.


Nob Hill Bar & Grill

To convey the feel of an "upscale joint," we letterpressed this package for a high-end feel, then downscaled it by using masking tape on the letterhead and envelope.


REDW The Rogoff Firm

As one of the Southwest's largest CPA and business & financial advisory practices, REDW The Rogoff Firm has a long-standing reputation built on integrity. We designed the "integrity counts" campaign to work for every potential touchpoint for the firm, including the letterhead package.


Albuquerque The Magazine

Albuquerque The Magazine is a "city format" publication that highlights the fun, quirky and social aspects of life in ABQ. For the letterhead package, we designed a sticker system that lets the magazine's employees indicate what they love about living here.


OilSlick Imports

For a company that imports olive oil, we designed an identity system that felt old world, but still addressed the quirkiness of the name “OilSlick.” This cost-effective package used one label that could be applied to the letterhead and to tags that were tied to the product bottles. A rubber stamp communicates the contact information.


Southwest Fertility Center for Men

The letterhead package for this medical practice specializing in vasectomy reversals and fertility counseling was designed to communicate the hope and potential joy of becoming a parent.


Osuna Nursery

Osuna Nursery is a well-known and much-loved New Mexico business. The client wanted to update their brand to reflect the growth and maturity of their business, as well as their long-held beliefs in offering expert advice to their customers. The accompanying tagline: "Let's get growing."


Cyan Belize

Imagine an eco-friendly real estate project that develops you -- where the amenities are those provided by nature. That's the attitude we took to create this identity and branding campaign.


Measure Twice

Measure Twice is a construction company based in Montana. We created a new logo, corporate ID and print campaign focusing on the need to hire the right contractor at the start of the project. After all, you only build once.


Center for Prenatal Development

This fast-growing medical practice makes a point of talking to their patients in plain-spoken terms. We created a new name, identity and branding campaign that told expectant moms they could expect more at CPD.


3 Advertising

3's letterhead package does what it's supposed to, plus it gives you 3 pieces of trivia for each employee. This is not always a good thing.



Identity package for a t-shirt company. The idea? Sew the shirt tags into the letterhead and cards, and have the contact info look like washing instructions. Boom.


Belize Saltwater Outfitters

An identity package for a fishing outfiiter in Belize.