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Humble Coffee Company

Humble Coffee Company is dedicated to making great coffee in an inviting yet simple environment. Our branding work celebrates this down-to-earth approach to the local coffee scene.



Wanderable.com is an online honeymoon gift registry. We created a logo that celebrated the union of two people embarking on a remarkable journey.


Williamson Restoration

Williamson Restoration rises to any challenge. To showcase the in-depth capabilities of this damage restoration company, we focused on their precision and professionalism.


Beer Institute

For this national beer trade organization, we created a logo that celebrates the natural ingredients of one of the world's oldest beverages.



Better health is about making good choices wherever and whenever you can. For this City of Albuquerque program, we encouraged city employees to make whatever small tweaks they could for improved health.


Chain Gang

A fun logo for the New Mexico Junior Mountain Bike Club.


Telluride Offroad Adventures

This offroad adventure company offers a personal experience with Mother Nature via their open air vehicle tours. It's the outdoors, up close.


Logical Marketing

Logical Marketing is a analytics-based consulting practice. To help illustrate the benefits of their approach, we created a simple logo that communicated measurable business growth.

3 Advertising - Albuquerque New Mexico

Whiskey Business

For Albuquerque The Magazine's Whiskey Business social, we created an identity that conveyed the spirit of a slightly classier business event. Network responsibly.


Skarsgard Farms

Skarsgard Farms, formerly Los Poblanos Organics, is a local farm that delivers fresh produce. We developed an identity using a tractor as a symbol for farming and delivery, and added some unique personality elements to convey the friendliness and ease-of-use of the service.



Latitudes is a new convenience store concept for those who would rather sip than slurp.


Mighty Memphis Bar-B-Q

We created a brand rooted in barbecue Americana, for a new restaurant located thousands of miles away in Spain.


Marisa Hausenfleck Fitness Trainer

Logo for a personal trainer. Drop and give her 20.



Logo for a social media website where two users interface with each other by reenacting licensed movie scenes.


Radius Restoration

We restored the logo for a high-end vintage car restoration shop.


Skarsgard Construction

Skarsgard Construction wanted to convey agility and experience. We developed a logo that depicted flexibility and endurance, using the "S" as a simple, memorable graphic to help with name recognition.


American Ethanol

To help symbolize the ethanol industry's NASCAR sponsorship, we created a racing team logo representing performance, renewable fuel and homegrown pride.


Dixon’s Apple Orchard

Dixon's Apple Orchard is rooted in a purer time, where the only thing preserved is tradition. We designed a logo that celebrates Dixon's famous apples, and references the story of how the founder once had to fight off a bear who had gotten into the orchard.



RockTops are patented snack-holding devices designed to fit atop soft drink lids, creating a "third hand" for consumers. Our logo and icon family celebrated these uses.


NorthLight Power

For this enterprising solar company, we created an identity that echoes the Northern Lights and communicates a streamlined, yet full-spectrum capability to their target audiences.


Vessel Health

Vessel Health is a medical practice that cares for the whole body – the “vessel” that carries our veins, arteries and organs. The logo visually represents the flow of blood cells through the passages of the cardiovascular system, using the letters V and H.


Growth Energy

Growth Energy is a proactive group of ethanol supporters committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America's economy through cleaner, greener energy. The goal was to have the name, logo and campaign elements serve as reminders of the unlimited potential of renewable fuel.


Mortgage Finance Authority

The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority was created to help people with low- to moderate-incomes find affordable, well-made housing. The logo and branding campaign embody this idea at every touchpoint.


F8 Photography

F8 is a photography service based in Minnesota. "F8" is often thought of as the sweet spot for an effective aperture, or lens speed, for photography. We designed the F and the 8 to read simultaneously.


Medicine in Motion

Healthcare that keeps up with you. A logo for a mobile medicine clinic based in Texas.


New Day

New Day is a life skills academy and shelter for at-risk young people. Their goal is to help make positive possible. Our concept for the logo was to convey hope and a fresh start.


Alone and Unafraid

Alone and Unafraid is an apparel company founded by two marines. The company's designs are rooted in the philosophy of confidence and self-reliance balanced by the dedication to something greater than one's own ego.


Day One

A logo for a holding company for creative businesses.


The Gutter

The Gutter is the kitchen and bar space located between our offices and those of Albuquerque The Magazine. It's a space in-between. And there's beer.


Butt Thornton & Baehr PC

For this New Mexico-based law firm that serves citizens, businesses and government, we created a monogram logo resembling the scales of justice.


National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

As part of the new name and campaign for what was once the Atomic Museum, we created a logo with a 3-D appearance that feels as if it came from the middle of the nuclear age.


Echelon Jet Membership

Echelon is a private jet membership program targeting travelers who expect the highest standard of service, including guaranteed jet availability and world class, personalized care. We named the company and developed the branding elements.


Mojo Associates

This logo was designed for an executive coaching service that works with its clients to unlock hidden strengths and turn them into fruitful pathways to growth.


Old Guys Rule: John Wayne Collection

The John Wayne Collection is a joint effort by Old Guys Rule and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to benefit cancer research. A portion of the proceeds from the apparel line will fund efforts to find a cure. Our logo celebrates this American icon as a heroic symbol in the fight against cancer.


Nob Hill Bar & Grill

Nob Hill Bar & Grill offers a gourmet twist on bar food favorites and American staples. We created a logo that reflected the restaurant's approachable-yet-chic feel as well as a tagline to describe the overall concept.


Medical Error Reduction Program

This medical software helps physicians pinpoint and prevent procedural errors. Our logo reflected this pinpoint ability while also reinforcing the goal of keeping patients healthy by depicting arrows that form a medical cross.



RadPhysics, the makers of MERP, consults cancer centers on how to best implement error reduction programs. We designed a mark based on the radiation symbol, focusing on the need to communicate and share any potential treatment issues.


REDW The Rogoff Firm

REDW The Rogoff Firm is one of the Southwest's leading CPA/business advisory firms. We updated their identity with a modern look while keeping a classic feel to reinforce the company's deep community and regional roots.


Albuquerque The Magazine

Albuquerque The Magazine is the fastest-growing city magazine in the country. For the publication's new logo, the goal was to create a mark that felt sophisticated and approachable. We also wanted to make sure the logo had meaning when it appeared away from the magazine cover.


Upaya Wellness Clinic

Upaya Wellness Clinic uses a variety of approaches in their massage and skin care business. The client’s knowledge of many techniques, coupled with the welcoming nature of their space, inspired the logo of the hands forming the shape of the lotus, a symbol of compassion.


Osuna Nursery

Osuna Nursery is a well-known and much-loved New Mexico business. The client wanted to update their brand to reflect the growth and maturity of their business, as well as their long-held beliefs in offering expert advice to their customers. The accompanying tagline: "Let's get growing."


Chez Nous

Before e-commerce and mega stores, there was a time when we allowed ourselves the simple pleasure of shopping. Chez Nous is a new retailer that is bringing back shopping, celebrating the feeling of stumbling across a store and finding that special something. We crafted a logo that referenced the French heritage of fine goods found at the store, while keeping a casual, approachable feel. Vive le shopping, folks.


OSO Technologies

We positioned OSO as more than an Internet service provider. We call them Internet enablers. Which means on top of offering fiber optic Internet, DSL connections and server colocation, OSO has the ability to put their customers first in line for tomorrow’s Internet technology breakthroughs. Our efforts consisted of a re-designed logo, re-positioned branding campaign and guerrilla tactics.



Sackwear.com's target audience wants to wear something original and un-corporate while making a fun statement about themselves. To that end, we developed the "sack" icon of a suit guy with a sack on his head. The idea is that the company makes apparel for those folks who don't follow the typical path. At least when they're wearing
funny t-shirts.


Measure Twice

Measure Twice is a construction company based in Montana. We created a new logo, corporate ID and print campaign focusing on the need to hire the right contractor from day one. After all, you only build once.


Light Switch Studio

Light Switch is a photography and digital imaging studio that provides ideas along with the standard services. We created a logo designed to appeal to their business target. Namely, creative folks looking for fresh insights on how to make their own work better.


Cyan Belize

This logo reflects the roots of this real estate development: the historic cultures and stunning beauty of Belize.
We used the ancient Mayan symbols of water, sky and sun to highlight the true amenities of this eco-friendly community.


Corporate Roll Bowling Tournament

For Albuquerque The Magazine’s first annual corporate bowling tournament, we created a campaign that encouraged participation via a playful logo and ads that doubled as instructional guides on how to bowl properly.


Center for Prenatal Development

This fast-growing medical practice makes a point of talking to their patients in plain-spoken terms. We created a new name, identity and branding campaign that told expectant moms they could expect more at CPD.


Belize Saltwater Outfitters

For Belize Saltwater Outfitters, we tapped into the area's historical connection to the ancient Mayans by creating a so-called "Mayan God of Fishing." The playfulness of the logo conveys the adventure of the experience.



RightVue is a video web enhancement feature for websites. The application connects users with retail websites and vice-versa by allowing both parties to share content about certain products and services. We created a logo that conceptualized this exchange in the form of a shared “eye” that also represents an “R” tilted on its side.


Crusty Underwear

Logo and character design for an apparel line with a rebellious and irreverent, um, streak.


OilSlick Imports

For this olive oil importer, we created a memorable logo designed to appeal to foodies without appearing too stuffy.